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Is there some sort of underground menu at Quiznos that I don't know about??

Carson came home one day RAVING about this amazing sandwich he just had at Quiznos. The #13. Oh my god, he said, there's absolutely nothing special about it but it's ridiculous. Well, when anyone talks about food with any amount of passion, I must try.

Off I went to Quiznos one day. After staring at their confusing menu, I came to the obvious conclusion that the sandwiches only went up to #12. What? He was VERY clear, it was the #13. So, with little confidence that's what I ordered. The lady said, sure, took my money, and I was eating a delicious #13 minutes later. At that point I probably should have asked her why it wasn't on the menu but I felt like I had gotten away with something I shouldn't have, and if I were to bring it up she would surely take my lunch from me.

Today, there I was back at Quiznos. Here's what happened:

Me: "The #13 please."
Dude: "Huh?"
Me (quietly): "13."
Dude (pointing at menu): "They go up to 12."
Me: "But, before. I ordered, and she gave it to me. Thirteen."
Me: "Can I order the #10 plus the #3 then?"

I'm so confused. What happened to my delicious number??

Remember these things?


Allison and Adam said...

Hello Siri! This is Allison from Quiznos Corporate Office in Denver, and your blog is awesome. We too are committed to the pursuit of deliciousness. If we know someone is raving about something (#13), we want to know what it is. I’m dying to know what your #13 sandwich was like. What was on it? What did it taste like? Pray tell, please share all the details of your ooey-gooey, toasty experience! Which restaurant served the #13 to you? It’s a cool idea to have a local, “underground” sandwich, and we want in on the secret! Please email me back at aleking@quiznos.com. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...



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