1-Minute Lentil Dip


You guys, I've discovered the most delicious, effortless dip in all of the land.  Me, I've discovered it, no one else, ALL the credit lands HERE.  No, that is a lie.  My friend's mom made it for me, and she discovered it from Trader Joe's.  In fact, when I went to TJ's to buy the 3 ingredients - that's right, THREE ingredients - required to make it, the employee ringing me up said, "best. dip. ever."  He knew.  From eyeing my feta cheese, cooked lentils and bruschetta sauce, he knew what I was up to...

There's really no recipe.  You combine everything and, voila!  You have a dip that's best served, in my opinion, with Trader Joe's Pita Crackers.  (By the by, this post has NOT been sponsored by TJ's...I'm just a loyal fan.  Remember "2-Buck Chuck?"  Oh, those were the days...)  

However, if you like measurements and all that jazz, you can find the recipe HERE.

Carson pointed out it's not the most appetizing dip in all of the land, and he has a point, but that doesn't matter.  One bite and you will agree.  

Also, TJ's calls it a "salad" - but I'm not down with that.  It's a dip, if you ask me, and that's where I stand.  The End.


Heather said...

My sister-in-law made this for me a few years ago and I had forgotten all about it! Thank you for posting and refreshing my memory! It really is easy and yummy!


That's Looks India Sav Puri. Very much Similar.
Thanks For sharing with us.
Its Looks Cool and Awesome Going to Try on This Weekend.
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Cyndi said...

I'm going to take your word for it and make this! However, I do have to agree with Carson in that it does not look very appetizing!

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Joyce Wong said...

Made this and although the flavors were awesome, I didn’t care for the lentil texture. My friends liked it though.


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