Fusilli alla Vodka


Anyone else in the middle of a snow day with no snow?  Anyone else hiding from their daughters because they won't stop fighting?  Anyone else have a son slithering around on the floor out of boredom - who is laughing at the suggestion of doing some homework?  Do these things make anyone else crave comfort food, like a big pot of creamy pasta?  I am here for you.  Keep reading.  

There is a restaurant in Los Angeles called Jon & Vinny's, and it's magical.  Described as a modern diner (with old school hip hop usually pumping through the speakers), they serve Italian inspired meals like hand-tossed pizza, classic pasta dishes and the best meatballs you'll ever eat.  One of my favorites is the fusilli with vodka sauce, and by the grace of god Bon Appetit recently published the recipe.  Of course I made it last weekend, and of course it was insanely delicious.  

It's the perfect meal for a snow-less snow storm.      

Recipe HERE.

p.s. I know a lot of people ARE getting heavy snow today, just not us, and I'm bitter about it because I'm supposed to be in Nashville right now, so I'm whining.  The End.    


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