Shredded Brussels Sprout and Ricotta Toast


Wait just one holly, jolly second.  How is it already December??  And not just December, December 5th??  A sixth of the way through the month.  That's correct, yes?  I like food, not math.  Anyway, I'm overwhelmed, but aren't we all.  It's that time of year when as much as we want to only feel joy and merriment, the stress of keeping up with shopping, holiday cards, parties, THE ELF ON THE SHELF, etc, etc, can often take over.  If only we could add 5 or so more hours to each day (or if only I could stay up past 9pm).  Alas, I'm trying to slow down as much as possible, especially this year, and remain more present.  In doing so, I'm capable of enjoying so much more.  And it probably won't surprise you, but what I love most about the holidays (other than family) is the FOOD.  

   My sister made these toasts as a Thanksgiving appetizer, and they were so good I couldn't wait to make them again.  Creamy ricotta is spread on crunchy bread and then topped with shredded brussels sprouts that are tossed in a bright, lemony, mustard dressing.  There are toasted pine nuts, yummy shallots and in the original recipe, golden raisins, however here I omitted those and added pomegranate seeds for color.  Aren't they perfect for a Christmas cocktail party?!  I think so.  

Alright, time to finish my holiday cards.  Or, in the spirit of slowing down, take a nap.    

Recipe HERE.



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