TODAY tonight: Pumpkin & Sausage Lasanga


Mid-mornings in our house go something like this.  Carson comes home from the Today Show, telling me all about what he's just eaten.  "Oh my god, Ina was on today and she made filet mignon with a creamy mustard sauce and it was the most incredible thing I've ever eaten."  And my reply?  "I found a half-eaten piece of frozen waffle by the fireplace and I ate that.  It was dusty."  But, pathetic breakfast aside, I do appreciate his opinion because sometimes I see food on TV and I'm not sure if it will translate at home.  Well, a few weeks ago he came home raving about this lasagna made with a creamy, cheesy pumpkin sauce.  He knows I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin, especially if the flavor is strong, but he insisted I'd love this.  He was right!  Don't tell him.

I LOVED this lasagna.  The pumpkin isn't overwhelming, but it turns this dish into fall comfort food at it's best, with help from flavors like a dash of nutmeg and fresh sage.  It will feed an army, so make it for a World Series game or Halloween or the Circus (election night).     

Recipe here.

*Side note, I made this for a dinner party that I ended up canceling because my son caught the stomach bug.  I thought it was probably irresponsible to serve food with a side of lysol.  Oh, and if you're wondering if my daughters ended up getting sick, yes they did.  At the same time, and I can't decide if I like that better or worse than staggering the illness.  

Stomach Bug for President!  I'm delirious.     


Elizabeth Stratton said...

I love this. It is so yummy. But I was not knowing the recipe. I am just too happy seeing the recipe here. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

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Kiran B. said...

You are so hilarious. The waffle��... sorry about the sicknesses though.

Alex Hales said...

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Michale Eric said...

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