Rapunzel Cake


I am all birthday caked out.  My daughter Etta turned 4 on Monday, and she's only been anticipating her birthday since, oh I don't know, a few minutes after turning 3??  And, by the way, she's pretty convinced she'll turn 5 next week.  She is NOT understanding my explanation of a year!  I started out all patient and kind with my words, and now I'm so exhausted that I just say, "Etta!  A year is a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time.  You will feel like you are 4 forever.  And p.s. Christmas is far away too."  (Even though OMG no it's not.)  As a kid, I always thought it was so weird that my mom didn't seem to care about her birthdays BUT NOW I GET IT.  

Alright, birthday pessimism aside, I really did enjoy making her Rapunzel cake!  I had never worked with fondant before and I was terrified.  However, I found by using lots of powdered sugar to help roll it out and keeping what I wasn't using covered with a damp towel, it was pretty easy to use!  Of course, I have not mastered making it look smooth (I also don't have any fondant tools), but for this cake I was lucky because I was scoring the sides anyway to make it look like a tower.  I used white fondant and then sprayed the cake with this Silver Color Mist.  I used colorful fondant and a little fondant mold for the flowers, vines and birds.  Then, I used a tube of yellow frosting for her hair.  

One thing I would have done differently - more buttercream inside!  No one really likes to EAT fondant, and I found when I cut the cake the fondant took the buttercream with it.  I would have sliced each layer and slathered buttercream inside to ensure each bite had enough.

Finally, I followed this recipe for the cake.
Have great weekends!


Emily said...

Hi Siri! I love the cake! Whenever I do fondant, I slather the whole cake in frosting first, just like you are suggesting for next time. If you have some time and want to put your KitchenAid to work, homemade marshmallow fondant tastes great. It is just microwaved Jet puffs (in a bowl coated with shortening), powdered sugar and vanilla, along with whatever coloring you want. It really puts your mixer to the test (and is like napalm when it comes out of the microwave), so I have used Wilton for the last few cakes along with tons of Billy's Vanilla vanilla buttercream frosting. Just serve the cake with the fondant on and then each person can use their fork to get just the cake and frosting. The kids will like making stuff with the fondant too... and I know I have said this before, but Lucy's famous sandwiches continue to change my life. I told the Deli guy at Safeway about them just this morning! Thanks for all that you do!

Linda said...

Your the best mom !!!!! I love this cake! I always made a lot of Barbie cakes! 😂


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