Spaghetti Squash Bolognese


At first glance, doesn't that sort of look like cheesy garlic bread?  WELL IT'S NOT!  Oh, you gathered that because the title of this post is "Spaghetti Squash Bolognese"??  Stop rubbing your smart brains in our faces.  But you're right, this is spaghetti squash that is roasted first and then topped with a ground turkey-based marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and roasted again until the cheese gets all bubbly and golden.  It's very simple to make (although I always make Carson slice the squash in half as I fear for the safety of my fingers) and easily would feed a family of 4 if not more.      

You can find the recipe HERE.

*I would feel remiss not to bring up the recent terror attacks in France.  A friend of mine who is an American citizen living there summed up how I've been feeling lately by writing... "it's like a bad dream, the kind you want to shake off when you wake up with a hug from your partner or kids."  I wish I could understand, or provide answers, especially because my son is old enough to ask questions, but instead I feel confused, frustrated, lost and tired.  And oddly, I keep thinking about these people who carry out such acts of hatred, and I keep imagining them as babies.  Innocent little babies, with their lives in front of them.  I want to wrap them up in my arms, and I want to love them.  Is that just the strangest thing?  I don't know, I guess it helps me to believe that love will always win.


valerie anne said...

Your last sentence... so true and so powerful. We have to keep believing that love will ultimately win. Even in the midst of the biggest heartbreak.

~kris said...

Your recipes shared bring us together, the food ultimately created comforts us and your last sentence is as Valerie Anne said (^^) "so true and so powerful". We're all at a loss, and sadly, it's not a dream.

Thank You for sharing recipes, humor and kindness with this audience.


Taja Fox said...

Omg! I have to try this.


Jin said...

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