Caramelized Mushroom and Onion Mini Tarts


Hello friends.  As I sit here quietly watching the news so that my kids don't hear in the next room, it's hard to find something to say about mushroom and onion tarts.  After a weekend so consumed with death and hate, everything else feels foggy and pointless.  It's so natural to feel enraged, and confused, and sad as hell.  I also feel thankful, for the good, heroic people in this world who rush towards danger to lend a hand, who gather for vigils and memorials, who stand up for love and against hate.  The world keeps turning, even though it may feel completely stuck in place.        

So at your next gathering, look around the room and take in that you're lucky to be present with friends and family.  Surround yourselves with one another, and laughter, and love, and food.  And make these incredibly simple and delicious Caramelized Mushroom and Onion Mini Tarts - I mean, I had to squeeze it in here somewhere.  But honestly, food brings people together.  Food feeds our souls.  Food is love.  Spreading that love today and everyday to all of you!      

Recipe here.


Linda said...

Thanks for this yummy recipe!

Rachel Haddad said...

Trying this next week on our family vacation. Thanks for your words.


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