Sausage and Arugula Sauce


I hope all you moms out there enjoyed Mother's Day yesterday!  I began my morning by eating so much brunch that I still wasn't hungry for dinner that night, and spent the rest of the day doing simple things with my kids, like dance parties outside, getting on their scooters and riding them around the driveway, going for a walk and picking flowers and an hour-long play session with Play-doh.  We ended the day watching Harry Potter for the first time, and my heart felt so full (the wine probably added to that feeling).  With our busy lives, I rarely get the chance to actually PLAY with them, so I was thankful for a day of zero plans or expectations.  Ok, back to food...  

Whenever I'm in Los Angeles, instead of cooking I watch the Food Network and make mental notes about what I want to make when I get home.  Usually my brain floods up with those ideas and I rarely remember any of them, but this particular recipe stuck in my head.  I made it on Friday night and have been eating leftovers all weekend.  It's a simple sauce made up of sweet sausage, marinara sauce and loads of arugula.  I followed this recipe but I used one pound of sweet Italian sausage, an entire bottle of marinara sauce, and greek yogurt instead of mascarpone cheese to lighten it up a bit.  I also served it over polenta instead of a baked potato (and it would also be perfect over pasta or spaghetti squash).  Next up this week, the other recipe that stuck in my head... s'more truffles!

(Obviously that one stuck.)  


Emily said...

So glad that you are back and that you had a lovely Mother's Day!

The sweet Italian sausage from Whole Foods combined with onion, garlic, ground beef and a bottle of Rao's is a frequent fave in my house so I am intrigued by this (we can't do cheese in the sauce because my son is allergic, but people go nuts over this sauce). I'm inspired to try it over a potato or polenta - yum! Thank you for the great posts!


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