TODAY tonight: Cacio e Pepe


On this episode of "TODAY: tonight" - where I recreate something Carson ate at work and loved more than his wife and kids (just kidding) - I'm showing off this cheesy, peppery, SIMPLE AF pasta dish that only requires 3 ingredients.  Three!  Pasta, pepper and cheese, and, you know, a little bit of olive oil and water... but that doesn't count.  It couldn't be easier and yet there are definitely crucial steps, like cooking the pasta until al dente, reserving the pasta water for the sauce, using course ground pepper and really good cheese.  If you do those things, you will truly love this dish.  Perfect for a night when you have no other plans for dinner... just serve with a salad and crusty bread and you're done!  Check out the recipe here.


staceyb2 said...

Yes, they WERE all spazzing over this on the Today Show, and I've been thinking of it ever since! Hope it's as easy as it looks!

Unknown said...

Didn't see this on the Today show...I was teaching school, but boy do I love how this sounds and how easy it seems to be to make. Adding this to my weeknight recipe rotation immediately. I love your blog!

Sandra Z. Wilson said...

Oh my god!!! Wonderful ... I hope my can do it. Reading through by way of your enjoyable article, will assist me to do so sometimes. happy wheels | cool math games | run 3

Linda said...

Love this recipe!!!! Missing you all..... Hang in there they will be teenagers in a minute😬😳😜noooooo......


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