Gooey Chocolate Chip Sandwich Bars


Are you mad at me??  I've been bad at blogging lately :(

In my defense, it's been a particularly busy week over here and some exciting things have been happening oooooonnnnlllyyyyy, I can't tell you yet.  Ugh, you're mad at me again!!

But hey!  I made you something!  Something with A LOT of chocolate, and it's ooey, and gooey, and it's half brownie, half fudge, half cookie.  I realize three halves don't make a whole, but just go with it.  These bars are delicious, easy to make, yummy to look at, and you forgive me, right?

I'll be on the Today Show Monday (in the 9am hour), and back to blogging regularly next week, I swear.  In the meantime, I just signed up for Snapchat and DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND IT?!

Recipe here.




Linda said...

Yea your on snapchat!!!! I ❤️ Snapchat. I'm not mad at you, life's busy and hectic! You have 3 kiddos, your an amazing mother and wife! I'm looking forward to your surprise 😃 These look sinfully delicious !!!!

Linda said...

What's your snapchat name? I can't find you.

EgyptIan King said...

Looks really tastey. Is it a simple chocolate chip cookie or is there anything else involved?

Mairwen & Morwen Curzon-Arkwright said...

Oh wow!!! These looks simply killing!! It would NOT be a good idea for me to make these!! ;)

Morwen Curzon-Arkwright

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