Sweet Potato "Tacos"


Doesn't that look good?  It's a baked sweet potato topped with taco-seasoned ground turkey, steamed broccoli and a Mexican-blend shredded cheese.  It looks good, right?  Well I had probably five bites of it before my whining 17 month-old (who is currently on a high chair boycott) took over my lap and took over my dinner.  She's only happy these days when she's eating like a big kid, in a regular chair with a giant fork.  This is difficult, because she is teeny tiny.  Therefore, she takes over my lap, and takes over my dinner (a Real Moms Wear Grey moment for sure).    

However, the parts I did enjoy were very enjoyable... this is a nice alternative to your regular Taco Tuesday cuisine.  Inspired by this Weelicious recipe, you basically ditch the taco shells or tortillas and use a potato as your vessel!  You're supposed to dig out half of the flesh so you can easily eat it like a taco, but I was too lazy last night and frankly just wanted to eat the potato.  Top it with whatever you please!  (Click here for baking instructions, and remember these Sweet Potato Skins?!)


Holy Food said...

Ohh Yummy!!
This looks absolutely fantastic….
Thanks for sharing!

kitkat said...


Dee Francis said...

These sweet potato tacos look amazing! This is definitely something that I am going to have to try at home! I would have never thought to use sweet potatoes in a taco. Genious!

Lea Reals said...

I would've never thought to use a sweet potato for a taco shell. It seems ingenious now. Combine two things that are delicious apart and make something magnificent. Thanks for the awesome idea for when I have family over! Just wondering could I use a regular potato not a sweet potato? Would it still taste good?

Dylan Baldwin said...

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