4-Ingredient Banana Blondies


I can't tell you how many times I've glanced at my overly-ripe bananas and gone straight to my computer to google "baked banana recipes."  The number is probably absurd, in fact, I'm pretty sure if it could, my computer would roll its eyes at me.  But guess what you RUDE, SARCASTIC COMPUTER, there are still so many recipes to try!  Like, who knew I would find these simple, four-ingredient HEALTHY blondies that come together in mere MINUTES?!

I followed this recipe with a couple of adaptions based on what I had in my pantry: I used all-purpose flour instead of coconut and regular peanut butter instead of cashew.  Otherwise I used two mashed bananas and maple syrup as the recipe instructed.  Mine seem to be slightly doughier than his but they sure do taste good!  I froze them overnight and plan on keeping them in there for a go-to and guilt-free weekend treat.  Actually, they're totally suitable for breakfast, right?  Good answer!    


Arman @ thebigmansworld said...

Oh yay! Thanks so much for trying it out- The texture looks amazing :)

Holy Food said...

Simply delicious and healthy !!!
I cant wait to try this recipe!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Dylan Baldwin said...

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Anonymous said...

This recipe looked awesome & I finally made it last night, following your recipe; however, for some reason, the mixture never solidified into brownie consistency but remained more like cold cake batter even after an overnight in the fridge. Wondering what I did wrong… any idea? :-((.


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