Ultimate Seven Layer Bars


These are bananas.  Hands down, the best Seven Layer Bars I've ever made.  I followed this recipe which includes all the normal ingredients from the familiar bars - chocolate, butterscotch, coconut, pecans, ooey, gooey sweetened condensed milk, etc - with one amazing variation.  Instead of a basic graham cracker crust, it's a graham cracker butterscotch cookie crust!  DID YOU HEAR ME?!  It's amazing.  This is the only picture I took before we ate the rest.  So much for gifting them to people!    


Christen said...

Um, I'll take some!

Linda said...

Hi so I've always swayed away from this recipe because of the coconut.....😝 Yuck, I hate shredded coconut! What can I replace it with?

smith ryan said...

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Jeff said...

I'll take some too! These are perfect for a post holiday movie marathon :D

Anonymous said...

Made these and they would have been delicious except l used Nestle butterscotch morsels that have an awful chemical smell and taste. They runied the entire batch, so l will have to make again with another butterscotch chip. Contacted Nestle and found 158 one-star reviews with same complaints.

Anonymous said...

Dear Siri - these look delicious BUT I'm writing because I just saw your fun wedding news and wanted to say, from a stranger who reads and appreciates your great blog and your warm funny tone: Congratulations and continuing joy with your family! Merry Wedding-Mas!

Holy_Food said...

This is ultimately delicious!!
I love this recipe.!
Thanks for sharing!!
Happy new year.

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