Beef Stew in a Pumpkin


I was at a friend's house for dinner last weekend, and she made a beef stew that she prepared IN A PUMPKIN!!  Yeah, my friend's name is Ina Martha Garten Stewart, by the way.  (Just kidding, her real name is Mo.  Ina Martha Garten Stewart is my imaginary friend.)  Anyways, I didn't get the exact recipe from her but if you're interested, I found a few recipes you could try here, here and here.  What a perfect dish to prepare for friends and family on Halloween night!  Do it!!


Bella Steve said...

Wow..!! This look's amazing. Great blog and great use of Pumpkin.
Simply delicious.
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agalandherdog said...

I'm making one of these recipes for Halloween. Thanks for the idea!

Hannah said...

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Ajaykumar kukreti said...

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