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I have many irrational fears.  Like of spiders crawling into my mouth while I sleep or clowns popping out of the sewers as I walk by.  And don't even get me started about driving over bridges.  (By the way, I love that you can google ANYTHING and Buzzfeed has already turned it into a list.)  Some of my fears involve trains.  Like realizing you're on the wrong one or falling asleep, missing your stop and waking up in Alaska.  This morning, I witnessed the terror in a poor girl's face as the train ticket person (I'm sorry, I'm sure there's a more official name for that person) very nonchalantly told her that she was on the wrong train.  And then, not long after that, it happened.  I fell asleep!!!!  I woke up in a flash, nearly dropping my coffee everywhere, and realized I was only one stop away from my own!  So uh, yeah, it all worked out and I didn't end up in Alaska.  BUT JUST THINK OF WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED!?  (Oh, I would have been just fine?  Ok.)  

  I was so tired, because all three of my kids decided to wake up at different intervals last night.  And why wouldn't they do that?  I actually had something important to do this morning!  I was on the Today Show!  So of COURSE they wanted to give me as little sleep as possible!  (I love my kids I love my kids I love my kids I love my kids.)  Well, after a cold shower and a LOT of hot coffee, I woke up and had a great time cooking and grilling with Carson... it's Taco Tuesday!  We made a basic street taco with the tastiest steak ever, homemade corn tortillas that only require one ingredient, and a stripped down delicious margarita.  If you missed the segment or want to check out the recipes, you can find everything here at Today.com.

Photos by Samantha Okazaki.


Christen said...

Sounds like you needed that margarita, lady! Falling asleep on trains is THE WORST. I seriously can't because I'm so paranoid I will miss my stop.

Brooke Caputo said...

I missed the segment, but of course I have it recorded. Now that I know you were on, I'll go back and watch it once my kiddos are asleep.
We too, had tacos tonight. I made a whole lot of Mexican staples last night so that tonight's dinner was easy peasy.

:) Brooke Caputo

Leslie Williams said...

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Rachaell Phillips said...

Happened to be in NYC and saw your segment. I can't believe how easy it is to make tortilla wraps! I was just telling the girls about it and discovered your blog. Can't wait to have a good poke around :)

Forever Engaged said...

Clowns popping out of sewers is a valid fear.... Just sayin'! They all float down there...


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