Vanilla Snow Cream!


Is it snowing where you are?  Are you stuck at home with your kids because school was cancelled (again)?  STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING, go outside, scoop up some fresh (clean) snow and make Vanilla Snow Cream!  Ice cream made of snow!  It takes 3 ingredients!  You might not have sweetened condensed milk, in which case you might want to make a harrowing, 5 mph drive to your supermarket like I did, but it will be worth it.  Snow, vanilla extract and a can of sweetened condensed milk.  It's superb, I tell you, SUPERB!  Recipe here.  


Linda said...

Yea!!! Snow ice cream!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious & so fun to make with kids but we live in the big city and don't think the snow would be safe to eat here…Bummer!

"Tata" Esther Bain said...


"Tata" Esther Bain said...
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