Snowball Cookies


These cookies are a holiday staple, but I had NEVER made them until yesterday.  Snowballs, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Russian Tea Cookies... whatever you call them, it was a travesty that I hadn't baked them before (and the word "travesty" still reminds me of the movie Clueless).  Thankfully, that is all in the past, and now I sit here on my computer while I eat one for breakfast (totally counts as research).  Made up of just five simple ingredients, these cookies are buttery, nutty, sugary balls of goodness.  With butter acting as the star (use the good stuff, like this European kind), I decided to go with a Paula Deen recipe because while she's messed up in her life, the lady knows her booooooter.  I didn't shape the cookies in crescents, however, and went with balls.  Snowballs!  

What do you call them and what's your favorite recipe?     



Nancy said...

These truly are the best-great with hot chocolate or coffee. I also make them a little more kid friendly by using mini chocolate chips instead of nuts. They are requested every year.

Love your posts. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

jbrenz said...

We've been making them for years and call them butterballs!

Anonymous said...

We call them "teatime tidbits" which is what my great grandmother called them.

Anonymous said...

Siri, I thought you were awesome on Rachel Ray show! I think you should do a cooking show too! You would be great! You're clear in your speech, you interact with the audience and the recipe is as you've stated it. Actually when you were on the show, I didn't know who you were and I thought you were a guest professional Chef!! Enjoy the New Year from one mom, wife,and sis to another.

Irene or " I " to my friends.

Mamastiks said...

We call them snowballs. They are a family staple. Butter, flour, a little sugar, salt and walnuts.

Crystal Dickson said...

We live in Texas and are big fans of the Mexican Wedding Cookies and Mexican Holiday Cookies called Bizcochos. Maybe try those next! Similar to the Wedding Cookies but topped with cinnamon and sugar!


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