Turkey Spinach Quinoa Meatballs


Hello!  The following post was written by a loyal reader and blogger herself, Christen.  This recipe sounds ridiculous and I will be making it ASAP.  Especially because I've been searching for ways to sneak ANYTHING GREEN into my children's diets.  This might be the answer...  

Hey there, Siriously Delicious readers!  I'm Christen.  I'm a mom, wife and general crazy person living in upstate New York.  I work full time in higher education, but in my free time (ha) I love to cook and bake.  That's why I started my blog, Christen in the Kitchen.  I'm obsessed with checking out what other people are cooking on their blogs, and that's how I found Siri's.  I've been a big fan of hers for awhile, and I also love to bake any kind of cookies and bring myself to the brink of insanity trying to make my children's birthday cakes (so we have that in common). 

I, like a lot of moms, am always trying to answer the eternal question, "What's for dinner?"  The pre-parenting days of eating cheese and drinking wine for dinner are long gone, and it can be hard putting a balanced meal together in about 20 minutes a night.  

That's where these Turkey Spinach Quinoa Meatballs come in.  I literally made a quadruple batch of these and froze them into family-sized portions for later use.  The best part is, my ridiculously picky eater of a 3-year-old will actually eat them since they're in ball form and she can dip them in ketchup!  I typically serve these with a side of French fries, but you can also do a big pile of veggies or serve them on top of a salad.

Click here for the recipe!  Also, if you like this recipe, check out my blog Christen in the Kitchen, or like my Facebook page where I post updates.   

*Thank you, Christen!  


Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

I love finding recipes that I can double (or quadruple) so I have more for later when I don't have time to cook!

Linda said...

Yummyness, these look delicious!

Katy Stuhr said...

So I made mac n cheese for Hannah last night and she wanted nothing to do with it, so I let her not eat anything. Then I made these meatballs for Joe and me for dinner with rice and green beans. Before she went to bed she crawled up on the couch next to Joe and saw what he was eating and started attacking his plate. I had to get her a serving of meatballs and rice to polish off herself! Great meal.


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