Chocolate Chunk Buttermilk Cake


We had a lot of people in and out of our house this past week, and I think when your home is all a hustle and bustlin' (I'm an elderly woman) you should have cake to offer.  Right?  I want to be that lady who greets a visitor with, "hello can I get you a piece of chocolate cake and a nice cold glass of milk, wait, did you say no thank you, well here one is anyway..." and then I shove it in their face.  That's probably what Ina would do.  So I made cake.        

I had leftover buttermilk, and after googling "chocolate buttermilk cake best ever" I found this recipe.  Jack, my tiny assistant baker, was helping me when suddenly he asked if we could put chocolate chunks in the cake.  My first response was no but then he said, "why not?"  And I stared at him and couldn't think of one good reason why not.  So we threw a bag of chocolate chunks into the cake, and it was the best idea my 5 year-old has ever had.  Carson even said this is the best chocolate cake he's EVER had.  It's ridiculously moist, and the chocolate chunks add a fudgy texture that takes the cake to a whole new level.  And then of course I used my favorite frosting ever, found here.  

Please come over so I can shove this in your face because otherwise I WILL slowly finish it all.    

All that's left anyway...


Sammy Smeth said...

This looks amazing! I always shy away from buttermilk because the smell makes me gag, but this looks like such a good cake

S xo


Hester @ The Chef Doc said...

Oooh, yay, Siri! You have discovered Ina Garten's Beatty's Chocolate Cake! Beatty is the grandmother of Frank the florist, I believe. This is my favorite chocolate cake in the world. I make it as a cake as well as cupcakes. I tell you, Siri--this cake is magical and has changed many people's lives :-) I use a simple chocolate buttercream from Savory Sweet Life. Ahhhhh, so wonderful. This recipe makes me so happy :-) By the way, Jack is a genius!

Sara|SayTheBlessing.com said...

NOM! Can you mail the rest to SC? My birthday is next month and I'm for sure making this now!

tara said...

Oh my god this looks SO good. That lost photo totally reminds me of that scene from Matilda (you're an elderly woman, I'm six... apparently).

Jack is a genius.

ljrbjc . said...

Another amazing cake. I need to make this! And I want to be the cake lady too!

ljrbjc . said...

I made this today and it was freaking amazing! However, I have to make a bold statement and say that it does not travel well. We were driving up to my parents house when Conrad yelled out, "Mommy, the top of the cake fell off!" Yep, the top layer freakin' slid right off. But I fixed it and it still tasted amazing and everyone loved it. The world is saved. Thanks for the recipe!


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