Would you eat baby food?


For awhile, my daughter's diet consisted solely of baby food pouches, or "wee wee's" as she calls them (aka "squeezies").  She wouldn't touch anything I put in front of her, so at the end of the day I would cave and pull out the wee wee's in order to get some fruits and vegetables in her little body.  I felt stress and guilt about it, even though I knew it was most likely a phase, UNTIL a friend of mine told me something interesting.  She had gone to see a nutritionist to evaluate her diet, and the nutritionist told her that she wasn't eating enough veggies.  She advised her to eat more fresh, organic vegetables, but also said that if she needed a quick and easy solution, these Plum Organic Baby Foods would provide her the nutrition she needs.  My friend eats them now!  She eats Wee Wee's!  

Would you?

And check out Carson's radio producer get hypnotized in an attempt to eat her vegetables.      

(Photo Bomb by Jackson Daly)


tara said...

That's hilarious! I would totally eat baby food, if it were those things at least (they look good haha).

Producer Angie doesn't like vegetables? Like, none? I wonder if her hypnotherapy works.

Kim said...

Nope! I made my kids ( now 14 & 19) all their baby food. I never bought any of the premade baby food. They were on all table food at a year old, ate everything & still do!

Lynn @ TheActorsDiet.com said...
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Lynn @ TheActorsDiet.com said...

I made a whole video of “Quick Yogurt Desserts” - one of them using baby carrot food for “carrot cake.” Nobody would touch it, it didn’t even make the cut:

Katie said...

It's so funny you blogged about this because y toddler has always had a hard time eating, it's a struggle every single day but she eats those pouches without any problem (she calls them squeezies). Anyway, last week I decided to go cold turkey on them and completely take them out of her diet to see if it would help her eat more. It actually has worked! But, I am making tons of green smoothies for her instead… so is it really that much different? I've tasted those pouches and am not a fan, but the green smoothies are much tastier to me and do the trick for a picky toddler.

Anonymous said...

Trick the next one with your homemade "wee wee's"

Jennifer Benak said...

We have never been big on baby food at our house. Then again, we are the crazy parents who gave all four of our kids regular food when they were 5 months old. Almost gave my poor mother in law a heart attack the first time we did it. I guess it worked out for us, and my kids will eat almost anything I give them. Although my 8 year old has a major aversion to pizza, which is strange. Guess she doesn't need to be eating a large amount of pizza, but momma needs some pepperoni pizza once in awhile!

Anonymous said...

We do a mix of baby food and regular food with our 7 month old, so we have a lot of these organic pouches in the house - I'd love to make all of her baby food by hand, but I work full-time and these are just so much easier. We also have a very picky toddler, and I'll do anything to make sure he gets enough veggies and fruits, so he eats these pouches as well now and then - especially if he's sick and doesn't want to eat anything solid.

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Donna J. Shirey said...

Plum Organic Baby Foods is good. Thanks for your idea.


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