Brown Butter Banana "BBQ" Cake


I'm back in my kitchen!  I can cook again!  What should I make??  It has to be something healthy because I've been eating out WAY too much and also, I'm 32 weeks pregnant... there is no more room in this belly for an obscene amount of food.  Baby is big.  Baby is like, stop eating so much you crazy woman I will call mama.  Like this cake, for instance.  I might have eaten the entire thing if baby would have let me.  IT WAS SO GOOD.  Over the weekend, I took over someone else's kitchen to make Carson a birthday cake.  We grilled burgers and dogs for dinner, so I thought only a "BBQ cake" would be appropriate.  What was it really?  A Brown Butter Banana Cake, which doesn't even need frosting, but the Chocolate Buttercream took it to a whole new level of deliciousness.    

For the cake, I followed this recipe, subbing sour cream for buttermilk.  I used two 8-inch cake pans and ended up layering the cake.  For the chocolate buttercream, I used this recipe, because it's the best chocolate buttercream I've ever tasted.  For the candy, I used tootsie rolls, starbursts and dots.  I put the tootsie rolls and starbursts outside in the sun for awhile to soften them, which made them much easier to shape.  Tootsie rolls for the burgers, orange starbursts for the cheese, red starbursts for the hot dogs and the dots are supposed to be vegetables on skewers I suppose.  Just go with it.      

To make it look like a grill, I used black icing (from a tube).  I also used this icing for the hot dogs, to create grill marks.

Sorry for the iPhone photos but I was without my camera.  Back to normal soon!


tara said...

You come up with such clever ideas! Love this. Hahah your dots totally look like veggie skewers!

Happy birthday, Carson!

Tammy K said...


Jennifer Benak said...

I really need to find a reason to make this!

Lauren Brewer said...

This is crazy cute! Awesome idea!

hạt điều rang muối vietnuts said...

great ideas!

Jennifer Benak said...

I have to say, I made the chocolate buttercream icing for cupcakes yesterday, and it really is quite good. Might be my new go-to for chocolate icing :)

Brooke Caputo said...

I have made barbecue brownies before, and posted it on my blog. However, this year I think I will decorate the top of the cake to look like yours! I love The Tootsie Roll's for hamburgers and Starburst for cheese!

Anonymous said...

Quick question... do you think you could use greek yogurt as a buttermilk sub? i'm not trying to be health conscious here (clearly) more so just being lazy and don't want to go to the store :) Thanks!

Siri said...

I'm probably late on answering this, Gina, but yes, I'm sure that substitute would work just fine!


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