Brooklyn Blackout Cake


Let's take a break from the #VoiceTailgate fun and cleanse our system with something nice and clean and green and healthy.  Just kidding!  Let's not do that.  At least, not yet.  Not before the Brooklyn Blackout Cake.  THE BROOKLYN BLACKOUT CAKE.  I don't know why I just repeated that in all caps, but this cake is dramatic and deserves a bold statement.  

Two things tend to get my attention: chocolate and a challenge.  Or I should say, a challenge when it comes to chocolate.  If you challenged me to go for a jog I would pretend I was deaf in both ears.  But a baking challenge!?  Yes sir ma'am!  And this cake was definitely THAT.  Steps galore.  If you don't read the recipe a few times prior to baking (and prepping your ingredients is a must) you will come across some stressful, panicky moments.  But if you're like me, and you enjoy taking your time with a baking project, and you love chocolate WAY more than jogging, then this is the dessert for you.  Rich chocolate cake, layered between gooey chocolate pudding, frosted with a thick chocolate ganache, topped with crumbled chocolate cake.  Yup.     

Interesting article about it and recipe found here

Pudding and cake crumbs, yum.


Lauren Brewer said...

Ok. This looks unbelievable. But be honest, how long did this take?!?!?! And please tell me your kids were somewhere else because there is no way you could do this with them at home! In any case, you deserve a cake gold medal. I am impressed. I guess I will have to attempt this sometime in my life!

Lauren Brewer said...

And wait, did you only do 2 layers?

Linda said...

Must make a plan to do this....

Siri said...

No Lauren I made 3 layers - that photograph only shows the 2. It def took me all day, and my sister was visiting, Carson was around, etc. I didn't neglect the kids :)


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