#20 Weeks


Thank you for the well wishes on Baby #3!
I was all set to show you our "Breakfast for Dinner" last night, but then I failed to take a single picture.  Pregnancy brain.  So instead, this Friday, I leave you with my "Breakfast for Breakfast" - yup, in my car.  It is dangerous to live so close to a DD.

Also, this article made me chuckle.  Happy Weekends!


Haydee Sentianin said...

What?! Congratulations! That is so great! Wow, impressive ... pregnant three times now in five years? :)

Christen said...

Welcome to the northeast, a hot bed for the DD! My pregnancy food both times were Boston cream donuts from there. I ate wayyyy too many of them so that's why I'm at spin class 4 times a week :)

Allie said...

Congrats and welcome to the neighborhood! This makes me nervous for when I am pregnant as nonpregnant me already has dreams about taste testing and picking out the perfect donut...:)

Anonymous said...

If you venture into NYC you must go to Doughnut Plant - it will, alas, spoil you for any other donut. I'm no longer swayed by DD, but I love the nail polish!

Linda said...

I loved the article !!! Brought back many happy memories! Just wait until your pregnant with your 4th child!!! Hahaha hope to see you soon...

Anonymous said...

Are you having a boy or a girl? Hope you are having a girl!!

Eden said...

Congrats Siri on #3!!! Wow, I feel like I need to catch up since you had Etta around the time I had Romeo... and I'm still on #1, hahah!!

Amber May said...

Congratulations on #3! I'm so excited for you!

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