Vanilla Bean Blondies


Greetings!!  Remember when I used to blog, every single weekday?  Remember when I didn't have two children, and I showered more than twice a week, and I worked out more than twice a year?  I remember.  Sort of.  Not really.  Or even at all.  The truth is, I could blame my kids all day long for my lack of posts and showers (no but really, the shower thing IS their fault), but that wouldn't be fair.  The truth is, we're going through a major life change as a family (which I'll share more at a later date) and my mind has been elsewhere.  That, combined with lots of travel, have meant I've barely been in the kitchen!  And now that I am back, it's like I've forgotten how to cook.  What do I like to make?  What ingredients do I buy at the market?  Are there breakfast foods besides NY bagels?  

But don't fret.  I'll figure it out.  I'll cook my way out of the hole.  I'll shower.  I made these Vanilla Bean Blondies after all!  Half with chocolate, because, chocolate.  The vanilla flavor is pretty ridiculous, they taste like vanilla ice cream in bar form.  Simple, easy ingredients that come together in no time.  I used 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla paste instead of a bean, because that's what I had.  

I'm going to shower now, I promise.          

See what I mean?  Mind, elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Yum. Thanks for posting in the middle of your own big changes - the pictures and writing voice are treats.

Linda said...

Mmmmm... These look delicious !!!

Erin said...

yum. what kind of pan is that?

Teia Collier said...

Oh yum! I am adding these to my list.

They look seriously delicious.

Anonymous said...

First of all yumm secondly where do you get a pan like that? Who is the mfr?

Siri said...

I bought at Target! Here is link:



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