And The Winner Is...


Number 2, drawn by Molly Davin!!  She entitled it "Salad is for Losers" - obviously.

Congrats Molly!!

And congrats to Jennifer and Ellen as well, the ladies behind Number 1 & 2.  It was a close race.  This was fun, if you have any suggestions for future contests, speak up!

*A few of you commented on the Anonymous voting.  While I never made a rule against that, I was able to figure out which comments were duplicates and I eliminated those.  Future contests will have more specific rules, okey dokey?  


Jennifer Benak said...

Congratulations Molly! I think we all did a great job with our photos :) I plan to frame mine and display it in my home. Thanks to everyone who voted for #3. My girls loved followig the voting and reading about how cute people thought they were! My 5 year old son took the picture too, so this is one proud momma regardless of the outcome.

Anonymous said...

I loved #3 and voted for it (once) but also loved #2 and #1. Everyone should be proud. As a loyal reader and 'Anonymous' poster (no google, open ID etc) who only voted once, I think it great that you were able to delete duplicates Siri. Really fun and sweet and hopefully also brought new readers to the blog.

Molly D said...

Thank you, Jennifer! I am excited. Your children are beautiful (and talented photographers, too!).

To the ladies in Photo 1, you all look way more attractive eating pasta than I would.

Thanks, Siri.

tara said...

This was such a fun contest. I'm seriously bummed I didn't get to send in a pic in time. Super cool idea, though.

Linda said...

Congratulations to the very talented Molly !!!

Ellen Cook said...

Congratulations to Molly and Jennifer, I was just happy to make it in the top three!!

Kathryn T said...

How about another...CHOP CHALLENGE!!

Lauren Brewer said...

Congrats to everyone! I too wish I could have squeezed in time to send a picture. I love the idea and think you should do more contests!


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