Lee Kum Kee Orange Chicken


Last week, we had a 'Welcome Home' dinner for Carson and the theme was orange (because of this).  Jack and I had fun decorating the table with orange balloons, pumpkins, festive flowers and screwdrivers.  Not the tool, the drink, and Jack didn't help with that part I swear.  Coincidentally, I had just been sent some products from Lee Kum Kee and included was a packet of sauce for Orange Chicken.  Orange!  No preservatives or artificial flavoring, no MSG and no HFCS.  Prepared with fresh ingredients, ready in minutes... highly recommended for a weeknight dinner.  Do I sound like a commercial yet?  Should I take over Flo's job?  But seriously, I like making my own sauce like the next Julia Child wannabe, but I'm a mom of two and I want to keep what little sanity I have left.  Therefore, sauces in bags are the answer.  Serve this Orange Chicken with brown rice, carrots, and a salad with orange tomatoes and orange bell peppers and you're ready for your orange party.  Don't forget to invite some Oompa Loompas.  And check out Lee Kum Kee's website for other yummy products!              


tara said...

Mmmm orange chicken.

That's such a cute idea to have an orange party! I love it. Carson is such a lucky guy! My husband is lucky if I vacuum the house before he gets home-but I'm busy! (okay, you probably are way more busy than me....)

Gene Cooper said...

I just discovered your blog. I too am a foodie. This sauce looks delish.
Recently I decided to try my hand at some oriental Asian foods. My wife thinks it is a great idea.t

Linda Bick said...

I saw those in the market just the other day... Did you love it ?


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