Bok Choy Salad


When was the last time you ate Ramen noodles?  I mean the crispy kind in the package where you just add water?  For me, I'm thinking college might have been the last time?  And I probably chased it down with Bacardi Limon shots.  (I might throw up, excuse me).  Well, coincidentally, a college friend sent me a recipe that included Ramen noodles, but in the form of a salad.  A Bok Choy Salad, with crisp greens and crunchy noodles, almonds, sesame seeds and a sweet and salty dressing (recipe here).  It was SO GOOD.  If you're going to a party and you're in charge of a side, please make this.  Or, as the recipe suggests, make it a dinnertime meal by adding sliced chicken and mandarin oranges!  Exclamation mark!  This salad excites me!  Seriously, the texture and flavor is wonderful.  Next time, I'll add some red pepper flakes for a little kick.  Make it.  Affordable + crowd pleaser + delicious.

*tip: after browning the noodles, nuts and seeds, let cool and then place in a plastic bag - I found it was easier to break apart the noodles once in the bag*


Linda Bick said...

Yummy... I love salads like these. I put a side bowl of ramen noodles out every time I make my Chinese chicken salad....love them!!!

tara said...

Mmm this looks good!!!

buy pulvic acids capsules said...

Oh boy! reading your blog made me hungry, love to try your recipes.


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