Tres Leches Cake


I don't know very many Spanish words, but I do know that "Tres Leches Cake" means something wonderful.  It means milk, and it means a lot of it - 3 different kinds to be exact - and all of that together means a super moist cake.  And that means bueno, which my computer just tried autocorrecting to Bruno.  Maybe my computer thinks the cake is so good, Bruno Mars should write a song about it?  Or maybe my computer is just a STUPID IDIOT.  Kidding, computer... never break.      

I made this cake for my mom's birthday (which falls on Cinco de Mayo) and it sure was a crowd please.  I used this recipe, because she never steers me wrong.  The pictures are sorta lousy, because I was too busy licking the whipped cream frosting bowl clean.  No bueno, Bruno : ( 


Diane said...

this looks amazing! i gotta try it!!!

tara said...

Mmmmm that looks delicious.

Your mom is lucky to have such an awesome celebration day!

The Saucy Secretary said...

I've made this cake before! Not only is it DELICIOUS and easy, but it has great authentic flavor. Sooo yummy!

Gretchen said...

And I would like another slice of it now!!

Jules said...

I served this cake last night after a lobster boil and it was a huge hit!! Surprisingly light and refreshing. Thanks for the post.


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