Cinnamon Roll Cake


A thing called Cinnamon Roll Cake exists in this world, in case you were wondering.  I made it.  And I would love to tell you how crazy delicious it was, but I didn't try it.  I baked it for a Teacher Appreciation Lunch, and I thought it would be rude to present it with a teeny, tiny slice missing.  Hey Teachers, I appreciate you!  But not enough to give you an entire cake?  Yeah, that wasn't going to work.  So I had to fold in the cinnamon sugar swirl and sneak in the gooey, brown sugar filling and drizzle the creamy frosting on top and then give it all away.  Woe is me : (

I used this recipe, and was very curious about the addition of vanilla pudding mix.  You should make it, and tell me what you think.  It's research, for me, so you should probably do it.  (I'm trying to help you out here.)  By the way, if you're a teacher, I appreciate you like crazy!  I wish I could send you all cakes without teeny, tiny slices missing.    

*Update: I snuck into the preschool kitchen and snagged a bite of the leftovers.  Yup, crazy delicious.  I was even told that one teacher had a dream about it last night.  What I like to hear.


Diane said...

that looks DELICIOUS!!!

tara said...

That totally sucks you didn't get to try it! It looks delicious though.

And teachers are the best and deserve non-eaten cinnamon roll cakes.

Jennifer said...

I have to say... I love reading your blogs :)

Anonymous said...

Is this a cake-on-top-of-car shot? It looks great.

iamchasingbaby said...

I neeeeed to eat this. Katy appreciation day??

Samantha said...

Siri I love your blog! Vanilla pudding mix is an ingredient in one of my family's fav treats: Kahlua Cake. Pudding mix, sour cream, german chocolate cake mix- it is fudge- and oh-so-good, you've got to bake it! Recipe here: http://samoverlands.blogspot.com/2012/12/grandmas-kahlua-cake.html

The Saucy Secretary said...

Heavens to Betsy this looks delicious! I will be adding a little cream cheese to my frosting...MMMmm!

Anonymous said...

Hey there...is there a recipe link for this yummy looking cake somewhere in this post?? Why can't I find it??

Siri said...

Yes, click on the part that says "this recipe" in blue : )


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