Lemon Rice Crispy Treats


Thanks to a friend who in turn would thank the world wide web, I found out that these are a thing that exist in the world.  Lemon + Rice Crispy Treats.  Lemon juice, lemon zest, lemon cake mix and RICE CRISPY TREATS!  If you are a fan of lemony sweets, then you will be a fan of these.  One friend told me she would eat a rock if it were lemon flavored.  Well, friend, I would like to see that, but I would also like to see you make these.  LEMON RICE CRISPY TREATS!!  Yup, still in shock over this.

(I used this recipe.)  


Virginia said...

This looks amazing. I will make these, but will probably not tell anyone in my family, because I will eat them all before anyone realizes the box of Rice Krispies in the cupboard is a little lighter than it was yesterday. I will try to refrain from eating them in a closet, but I may have to resort to that. No promises.


Megan Newton said...

Lemon! What a great idea!

Carrie Krohn said...

ahhh yeeeah.

i think i would also consider eating lemon flavored rocks.


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