Homemade Baseball-Shaped Graham Crackers


Jack had his first T-ball game over the weekend and it, was, comedy.  A bunch of little 4 year-olds wearing jerseys down to their knees, more excited than I'd ever seen them, running around after one ball and tackling each other to be the first to get it as we chanted, "you're on the same team!"  It brought back memories of my own childhood days in the outfield, where I chased butterflies and spoke to imaginary boyfriends and let pop-ups hit me on the head.  So I didn't grow up to be an athlete, but I did learn how to bake a thing or two which is why I volunteered to bring snacks for the first game.  The perfect excuse to try out this Weelicious recipe (found here) for Homemade Graham Crackers.  

I used a circle cookie-cutter and a fork to turn them into little baseballs!  Jack had so much fun helping. They were very easy to make and while mine were slightly thicker than the original cracker, the taste was very familiar and delicious.  By the way, I also brought 20 bags of baby carrots and I came home with 19 bags of baby carrots.  I think a dad ate one bag.  He's going to have great eyesight, I told all the graham cracker-eating kids who absolutely ignored me.    


D said...

Those are cute. Might have to make some for my t-ball kids.

tara said...

Awesome! What a fun idea! Hmmm 4 year olds didn't eat carrots? Strange.... :)

CuCa said...

I think you should teach the kids a carrot lesson by shredding them up into a treat/snack for the next game. They will never know they're in there!

Jennifer Young said...

Love this...so cute and so much better than mini oreos or whatever other junk food people bring. I once brought sliced oranges to my son's soccer game and I went home with all of them; my husband said we were going to be taken off the snack list.


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