Sweet Potato Baby Food


My daughter Etta is 6 months old already.  With Jack, I eagerly anticipated every new milestone and found myself saying "I can't wait for..." a lot.  Well, now he's almost 4 (wtf) and it all went by too fast.  SLOW DOWN FATHER TIME.  So with Etta, I'm clinging hard to each step and not wishing anything away.  Because I know the next milestone will be reached before I can even blink, and soon she'll be going to her prom with a nerdy, sweet, somewhat unattractive boy who will only look better with age and invent something major (sorry, jocks, Carson will kill you).  

I won't make a habit of posting baby food recipes, but if making your own seems like a daunting task to you - I wanted you to see that it isn't.  It takes two simple steps, and a small amount of fruit or vegetable can go a long way.  All you do is 1. cook/roast/boil/steam whatever it is you're making and then 2. puree.  Done.  If desired, add a little milk/water/formula to thin it out, but as they get older you can play with the texture.  Eventually, you can add spices or layer foods together.  The possibilities are endless!  Here, I roasted two sweet potatoes in a 400 degree oven for 1 hour (make sure to poke them multiple times with a fork so they don't explode).  I let them cool, then I peeled off the skin and pureed them in a blender (with a bit of water) until smooth.  I like to store leftovers in an ice cube tray, freeze them, and once frozen pop them in a bag and freeze that.  Instant homemade baby food.  And Etta loved it!  My sweet little 6 month-old girl who squawks like a bird and slaps her chest like Tarzan.

I'll tell you what I CAN wait for, by the by, and that is pureeing meat.  Gross.          


Sara Struckman said...

I made baby food for both of my babes. So easy. People would gasp in amazement when I told them. I never really understood why - it really is so easy. I never ventured into pureeing meats though. Ick!

tara said...

Oh awesome! I don't have a baby...but I will save this for the future. Ha.

I want to see a picture of cute baby Etta!!

Linda said...

Feeding babies....awwww I miss !!!

Helen Zwak said...

Siri treasure every moment with those sweet little ones. Will pass this on to Dayna and Megan as they will love this easy baby food idea.

Lisa said...

Big fan of making my own baby food, and putting it in ice cube trays. The tricks we learn at mom groups! Thankfully my 1-year-old son is a good eater... for now. This morning was a smoothie made with yogurt, fruit and spinach.

Amber H. said...

This makes me wish I had done this with my babies...and that my babies were still babies! :) Have you heard of Demarle at Home? I have recently started selling it and same idea but its flexible food grade silicone & glass. Round mold & octagonal Silpat to steam the veggies and drop it in the mini muffin tray to freeze...pop out into a baggie.

KatyMann said...

I made my daughter's baby food and LOVED it! Truly wish every parent know how easy and cost effective it is!


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