one of those mornings...


It's not even 7am, and so far this morning I've been pooped on, I've had to plunge a toilet and my earrrrrly morning Homeland viewing was interrupted just as it got incredible.  That's the sort of opening you expect from a food blog, right?  Well you're just going to have to deal with it because that's what I'm doing - DEALING, with a smile on my face and a coffee in my mouth!

Anyway - if that picture above looks familiar, it's because it's been on the blog before (Saveur's Chocolate Chip Cookies).  But now The Post Social "postmarked" my post (that's a lot of the same word) so please check it out here!  Love that site.  

How the adults trick-or-treat.  As someone pointed out on Instagram, there appears to be a wig hair growing from my drink.  Only thing, no one was wearing a wig.  I think it might be growing out of my thumb, in fact.  Let's hope that's a joke I'm making.

My cousin sent me these napkins, and she made them!  Check out her Etsy shop, Dutch Wives Club, for these (which can be printed in any color) and much, much more.  She also gave Jack that 'Favorite Brother' tee from her shop, which I love because he totally is.  

Election Cookies.  To get you in the political spirit, as if all these campaign ads aren't already doing that.  I was watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy the other day, because I'm a dorkface, and EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL had to do with a campaign, proposition, measure, etc.  Enough!!  Just vote and end this madness already!

I made these Slow Roasted Green Beans with Sage over the weekend.  Extremely easy, seasonal and delicious.  Highly recommend.  


Jessi Kaufman said...

You are amazing. And a wonderful mother/food blogger/girlfriend/friend/sister...you are dealing very well. And we love you!

the post social said...

We love you! Food and humor is the best combo ever.


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