M&M Sugar Cookies


Sometimes, I'll pass a cookie with M&M's in it, and I'll instantly feel like a kid again.  Something about the brightly colored candy was so appealing at a young age.  Remember when the green ones were poisonous or something?  Remember when they introduced the blue ones?  Remember how boring the brown ones were, and how disgusting you found your mom for eating the peanut kind?  

Oh M&M's, you're so fun to remember.  

Anyway, yesterday I found a bag of M&M's in the fridge (purchased by my MIL) and I quickly decided to throw them in a cookie.  I found this recipe for soft and chewy sugar cookies and whipped up a batch in like 5 minutes.  Seriously, it's starting to concern me how fast I'm able to bake cookies...    


Tara D. said...

Hi Siri! About how many M&M'a did you use? A cup? I have some Reese's Pieces lying around and now 'm thinking about throwing them in some delicious chewy sugar cookies... :)

Siri said...

I probably put about a cup in - but use as much or as little as you'd like!

Linda said...

Yum... You cookie monster you!!


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