Decorative Chocolate Covered Strawberries


I know the 4th is over, but I wanted to share this fun and easy summertime treat.  They don't have to be American themed - the possibilities are endless.  White chocolate, milk, dark - rolled in sprinkles, nuts, coconut, sugar infused with fruit zest, etc.  Also a fun activity to involve the kiddos in.

Enjoy your weekends!    


myfudo said...

Love that this is easy to do. My little girl would love to try out different themes with this. It is fruity too, so it is definitely healthy. Thanks for sharing. Pretty!

Foodie Stuntman said...

Yummy dessert!

Linda said...

White chocolate + strawberries = heaven

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

This looks like an easy and fun party snack!


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