My Rules for a Great Chopped Salad


I'm a big fan of chopped salads, or garbage salads as I like to call them - basically an unattractive name for a salad with everything in it.  It's the easiest way to empty the produce from your fridge and it makes a great lunch, dinner side or even a main dish if a protein is added.  But I have some rules.  Oh yes, I always have rules.  Ask me sometime about the handbook I wanted to write as a child about The Etiquette of Christmas Lights.  Yup I named it that.  Ok onto my salad rules...

1. SIZE: Nothing bothers me more than a salad with giant pieces of lettuce (wedge excluded), or long, chunky pieces of vegetables that need to be cut with a knife.  Salads are meant to eat with a fork (like this).  So it matters to me that everything is proportional and roughly the same size...

2. HERBS: You know when you're at a restaurant and you're eating a great salad and there's that ingredient that's making you say, "what IS that??"  It's probably fresh herbs.  Basil, cilantro, mint, etc. - they can turn a good salad into a great salad by making everything taste fresh and vibrant.  My go-to is always freshly chopped basil.

3. CRUNCH: Texture is very important to me in a salad.  Some lettuces and vegetables offer a nice crunch but I need more than that.  I need nuts or croutons or crushed tortilla chips.  My go-to is toasted pine nuts.  I love their nutty flavor and of course, crunch.  

4. CITRUS: Carson's mom always squirts fresh lemon juice over her salads in addition to dressing, and now it's something I always do too.  Much like herbs, citrus adds a vibrancy and freshness to the salad and brings out all the flavors of the vegetables.  

5. DRESSING: I usually make my own dressing.  It's much less intimidating than it seems, and I'm sure you have the ingredients at home.  Olive oils, balsamic vinegars, mustards, herbs, garlic, etc.  You can mix and match just about any of those and come up with an excellent dressing.  Click here for what I've done in the past.


Meghan Splawn said...

This is a discussion we have often at work, because we are a bunch of ladies who eat salads for lunch and have partners who aren't really into salads.

A chopped salad should be at least 60% stuff: cheese, nuts, veggies, fruit {even dried fruit}, whathave-you. The rest can be lettuce but lettuce can only be 40% at most of the salad.

Frank said...

Hmm? Commented yesterday, but it never showed up. I'll try again. :-)

Thanks for the "garbage salad" label, Siri! Marilyn (My Bride), acts somewhat offended when I use the term, but this is our favorite type of salad.

Hope your rules catch on, especially the size restrictions.

Marilyn will love this when she reads it. She is another pine nut nut. :-)

I'm sure we'll both sign whatever is needed to make your rules the law.

Really enjoying your posts.


- Frank


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