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It's been a busy week, and I keep fighting the urge to cuddle up with my son during his nap time.  But, there are things to do and blogs to write and cookies to bake.  Don't even try and stop me.  Let's check out the world wide web, shall we? 

Try whipping up your own hamburger buns for your next BBQ!  Perfect way to make your friends who like to wrap theirs in lettuce feel guilty about not eating the real deal.

Ever wonder what your state's signature sandwich is?  Check 'em out here.  I could go for Minnesota's Fried Walleye seen above.

I've been enjoying one too many of these: Decaf Mocha Light with Whip.  Ok someone bring me one NOW.  Only 130 calories for a grande!  Well, then the whipped cream...

...and don't even get me started on these...  

Ate my way through a whole bag of those in a few short days.  Pure evil.

Sprinkles Cupcakes now has ice cream and cookies!!  GAH!  DROOL!  Take me there!!  I think that's some sort of red velvet madness above.  Speaking of... check back here tomorrow for something along those lines... goodbye.



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