Homemade Wheat Thins


On Friday my son woke up before dawn.  I don't even technically know what "dawn" is, but I know it means early, ok?  So early in fact, that at one point I looked at the clock wondering if it was lunchtime and saw "7:37am" staring back at me.  What?  I knew I needed a project to make the day go by faster.  It was then when I read one of my favorite blogs and saw Homemade Wheat Thins.

Project!  Healthy!  Baking!  Snack!  Perfect!    

It was also an excuse to finally use Jack's mini rolling pin and by the way, WHY does my hand look so old and leathery and wrinkled???

These were surprisingly easy to make and Jack had so much fun playing with the dough...

Ready to bake...

Crisped to perfection.  
p.s. The longer you bake them (without burning of course) the closer to the real deal they taste.  
Crispy, salty, yummy.  


Audra said...

Yours look so great! And I die over that mini rolling pin. It is too cute for life!

Anonymous said...

They look like those Stacey Pita Chips :) Looks good!

LuRuSo said...

I do believe that an Audra & Siri baking/cooking show would be a huge hit. Someone needs to make it happen.

Foodie Stuntman said...


dervla @ The Curator said...

Such a healthy snack! Thanks for this recipe. Must try it out.


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