Kahlua Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


Bananas, why must you get super ripe and then look at me with that FACE (bananas don't have faces) and that POUTY look (bananas can't pout) that says, "you know you want to bake me" in that TONE (bananas don't make sounds) of yours???  Why.  You know I can't resist you.   

Over the weekend I had, you guessed it, some ripe bananas that found their way into a perfect Easter Brunch bread.  I found this recipe on my new favorite site that called for nuking the bananas in the microwave to release their liquid, and then cooking that liquid over the stove.  Well, while I was cooking the banana juice, Carson tells me to put Kahlua in it.  Ok, I says.  

And of course I added chocolate chips as well, because bananas and chocolate were meant to be together if you ask me.  SUPERB banana bread, my friends.      


Tonya Gossard said...

it is killing me that I am not able to make and eat this right now

Linda said...

So please tell........how much Kahlua did you use?


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