Homemade Naan


Last week, I decided to make Indian food for dinner and at the last minute I thought, gee, I wish I had some naan... maybe it's not hard to make myself?  After doing some research I discovered just that... it's not hard to make yourself!  You don't even need your oven necessarily and you definitely don't need ghee.  I mean, who has ghee.  What even is ghee?  I like saying ghee.  In fact, I didn't use butter at all!  Just some olive oil for the pan.  I followed this recipe and added some garlic and cilantro cubes (I love you Trader Joe's) to the pan before cooking the naan.  It was the perfect addition to dinner.  


agalandherdog said...

We tried making naan once and it wasn't very good. We'll have to try again, though because I LOVE it!

cheap cosplay costumes said...

Did you make it yourself?You are amazing!!!Great job!

Anonymous said...

Ghee is just clarified butter..butter cooked on slow heat till the liquid evaporates! you can do it easily..am sure there are a thousand how to videos on that! and its right up your ally since you seem to looove unhealthy food :)) and it is worth every drop!


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