White Chocolate & Cherry Shortbread Cookies


Is there anything better than a reason to bake?  I make up these reasons all of the time.  
Like yesterday, there were many...

Valentine's Day is 2 weeks away!  I have maraschino cherries I don't know what to do with!  I feel hungry!  I feel blue!  I feel bored!  I feel happy!  I could give these away to a passer-byer on the street!   

And so I made cookies.  Shortbread cookies with lots of butter, cherries, white chocolate and a hint of almond extract.  Divine!  Great for that day where we're all supposed to be romantical and buy cards and prix-fixed dinners and stuff.  Recipe HERE.


Gretchen said...

Pretty. And I know I would love them!

Lisa R. said...

why do they look like salami before you cook them? Or is that just me? haha

Siri said...

Not just you, Lisa, I thought the same thing. And if you read the original blog where I found the recipe, she thought that too!


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