Wasabi and Panko Crusted Chicken


Is anyone else in "the holidays are over and it's a new year" denial?  Are you, like me, struggling to get back into your daily routine?  Lie to me please.  Say, "Yes, Siri!  Why absolutely Siri!  I'm sure you are doing a much better job than I am Siri!"  I'm glad we had this talk.

I just want to bake, all day long.  If that is your job, I envy you.
And I want my butler, Wilfred, to cook dinner.  Do butlers cook dinner?  
Wilfred would.  

Anyway, I did make this chicken the other night, and it was mighty tasty.  It called for pork, but I only had chicken.  So there.  
Recipe found HERE.


Sara said...

I baked chocolate chip scones and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies at 9 a.m. this morning. I too want to bake constantly. The routine is that my 3 year old and I bake while my 1 year old takes a nap in the morning. Basically my daughter eats spoonfuls of brown sugar out of the bag while I rush to get the recipe done before my helper OD's on sugar and my toddler wakes up. I think I ate five scones today. Do you feel better now? :)

Siri said...

This does make me feel better, Sara. There are others like me in the world.

Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

I am late on reading this post but if it's any consolation, I am STILL aggravated by the emotional demands of a new year. I have gotten on the treadmill a total of 2 times and when I do I seem to have a mental block against going any faster than 3.5. And I can't GET on the treadmill without watching Food Network which just makes me want to get off of the damn thing and get back in the kitchen. So yep - I hear you!

Stella said...

I actually don't have the time to cook except for leek vinaigrette which I eat pretty much every evening. I envy you and all the other yous around the world who get to cook all the time !

And yeah I too am in a new years denial. In my head we've been on december 29th for two weeks now. It's been a very long december 29th :)

Siri said...

I think every day should be December 29th.

MMP - 2 times is better than 1 time!


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