Filet Mignon


I'm on an airplane right now but I'm talking to you BECAUSE IT'S THE FUTURE.  I wonder what 2012 will bring?  Probably flying mini vans.  Just mini vans.  Anyway where are my manners HOW WAS YOUR CHRISTMAS?  I think in the future of 2012 I'm going to yell a lot via the caps lock button.  SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN.

Well, with a new year comes a lot of "I'm going to diet and work out yeah sure I am" resolutions.  That means, you have about a week to eat what you want.  Like Filet Mignon marinated in Guinness beer, soy sauce and worchestire sauce.  Do it.  Or better yet ladies, get the man in your life to do it for you.      


Mary B. said...

My parents want to try out this marinade but are curious what the measurements are for each ingredient? Thanks!


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