Sirious Science: Frosting Failures


Hi.  It's Learning Time.  But before we get into it, I have to say - THIS ONE HIT HOME!  I've had this happen to me more than once, sadly, and I am thrilled to learn there is a way to fix it!  Hip Hip!  Ok let's go, Sister Georgia...

Ever tried to make frosting and it ended up looking like this?

Don't give up yet!  And please, don't try to serve those to anyone.  Even though that pink mess looks completely irreversible, there are actually ways of salvaging it.  

Last week I was attempting to make a white chocolate frosting to go with a white butter cake.  The white chocolate and heavy cream were blending in the electric mixer as I stood over it with a rubber spatula.  Once it looked frosting-like, I stopped the mixer to scrape down the sides.  When I turned it back on, the consistency of my frosting changed completely.  The air I had whipped into it deflated and the fat separated with the liquid until it became a clumpy, curdled mess.  

Feeling defeated, I called my professor over to ask, "what now?"  She smiled and told me not to worry, that it could be saved.  With what?


I tossed about 3 tablespoons in the bowl and let my mixer do the rest of the work.  I had little faith in restoring my disgusting-looking product.  But, a little butter went a long way.  Seconds later my creamy consistency had returned, it no longer looked like vomit, and it tasted great. 

So why did the frosting curdle in the first place?  The most probable reason would be temperature.  I added cold heavy cream to warm, melted white chocolate.  The mistake was not waiting for the white chocolate to cool down long enough before adding the main source of fat.  Therefore, more fat had to be added to balance out the ratio.  Moral?  Be patient!  Science takes time.


Not too bad.

Thanks Georgia!


Lisa R. said...

OMG I cant tell you how many batches of frosting i have tossed out because of this exact problem! thanks!!!


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