Brown Sugar Cookies


The time has come.

Do you hear what I hear?

Said the night wind to the little lamb...

You guessed it, I'm going mental.  Because I hear the sound of Christmas Cookie season, right around the corner.  Just around the river bend.  If you could see me right now, I look like a cross between that freaky Target lady and a gerbil (I need to shower).  

These cookies are like sugar cookies but with brown sugar instead, which adds depth and richness.  There is also a hint of spice, thanks to the cinnamon and ginger.  THANKS BE TO THE SEASON!
Recipe found HERE.


Kevin and Erin McLaughlin said...

AHHH! I have a cookie exchange on Friday. So many to choose from! I am leaning toward the 1961 pillsbury bake off winner.


The winner was from Minnesota.

Siri said...

Holy CRAP those look good!!!


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