Citrus-Marinated Olives


How many olives are too many olives to eat?  I'm wondering, because I'm about to eat all of these olives.  I made them yesterday for a work meeting Carson had at the house.  I don't think anyone else ate any because I was hovering over them like some sort of rude, olive hog.  Hey!  Come over to our house and I'll serve you some olives!  Only DON'T TOUCH THEM.  THEY'RE MINE.  

The citrus paired with the garlic, chili and other flavorings are just magical.  Especially if you use superb olive oil.  Really simple to pull together in a short amount of time, but even better if you let them marinate for days, I'm assuming.  I won't know because I'll eat them all today.  I'll eat them gone. Recipe found HERE.

Olive oil, bay leaves, garlic, chili and coriander...

A variety of olives and an orange...

Combine it all together, like BA says...



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