Sur La Table Giveaway Winner!!


Good morning.  There is an ant convention going down in my kitchen.  So it's not a good morning, in fact.  I just took Lysol and maniacally started murdering them.  In fact, I might be drinking Lysol coffee - but that's better than drinking ant coffee.  I think.  Speaking of java, do you put cinnamon in your coffee grinds?  I recommend it.  I do it all year long, but it's especially tasty in the fall.

Ok, on to business.  Thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaway.  A couple of you even blogged about it, and many of you are now following my nonsense tweets.  It warms my cold heart to have followers like you people, so I hope to do tons of future giveaways!  I want you all to win.  Alas, there can only be one winner today and guess who that won't be??  THESE MOTHER F*CKING ANTS.

Random.org has randomly selected #51... LuRoSo!!

Lucy is also a blogger, check her out HERE.  And Lucy, please email me: siri at siriouslydelicious dot com and I will send you your ants- gift certificate.  Happy Monday to One and All!    



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