Sirious Sips: Ginger Infused Vodka


Hello people who drink like me. Sorry I've been away for awhile, but WOOO WEEEE do I have something awesome in store for you. But before we go into the recipe, we're going to have to wait two days.

TWO DAYS?! Why so long Brother Dylan??

Well I'm glad you guys are so full of questions! We're going to be making ginger infused vodka, and that takes at least two days to infuse. So bear with me and let's make some ginger vodka.

All you need is ginger and vodka.

I like to peel my ginger before I chop it, about 1/3 cup in total....

After you've chopped the ginger, get a large container and pour in your vodka...

Don't forget to shake it up every couple of hours, or whenever you remember. It'll help mix in all the awesome ginger flavor.

Stay tuned for a SIRIOUSLY delicious Ginger Fizz recipe in a couple of days!

*Thanks Brother Dylan, I would love to sip Ginger Infused Vodka on a crisp fall day while eating THESE.



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