MISO love my Vitamix.


Do any of you own a Vitamix?  Oh dear god.  A friend of ours gave Carson one for his birthday which, come on, was really a present for me.  Sure, he'll probably make a blended drink once or twice a year BUT I WILL USE IT EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.  Holy money balls, I just googled it and noticed that it is not cheap.  Listen up: are you getting married?  Having a baby?  REGISTER FOR IT.  It is unlike any blender you will ever experience.  You can puree vegetables and garlic and cream and whatnot, flip a switch, and IT WILL TURN INTO A NICE, HOT, COOKED SOUP!  I am over-using the caps lock, can't help it.  I made the Miso Dressing (above) from Gwyneth's cookbook and in 10 seconds it was the perfect consistency.  

Vitamix, are you listening?  I love you.  I would wear you as a hat on my head, if that weren't so dangerous.

(photo by Katy)      


Teresa said...

LOVE mine too!
P.S...I met a mom today who told me that she only does housework after 4pm so she can have "cocktails and cleaning." She is kind of my hero...yours, too???

wyndyt said...

Aww, yes I LOVE my Vitamix! The damn Costco demonstrator got us and no its not cheap but yes I use it at least twice a week so well worth it!


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